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Turn Any Video Into $10.000+ Per Month Even If You’ve Failed In The Past

While other marketers are struggling more and more with their video campaigns,  voice over artists, actors and useless video creation tools – with ZERO success …
And their marketing campaigns are shriveling up and dying every day …
Our promos are getting bigger conversions, ROI, and PROFITS than EVER before…
And we are not spending a single penny on Traffic, Copywriters, or Outsourcers !…

Take a look at the two videos below and ask yourself which one works best:

With SpokesPerson Intro


Original Video

See the two videos together and it’s easy to see how much stronger adding a simple animation or two, and a quality call to action makes a previously weak, bland video.

That’s why the biggest video marketers are all using animations.

Because with special effects like that, your videos do what you NEED them to do:

Grab attention

Keep attention

Convert attention into action

With our Video Lead Studio Software you will be able to:

videosworkMake your videos work

Turn any Video into automated email lead generation machines,  Guaranteed To Get You Bigger Conversions, More Leads and Sales (you’ve never seen this before)

trafficGet Targeted TRAFFIC

Get thousands – tens of thousands of Laser-Targeted, Cheap Traffic To Your Offers, In Record Time

moresalesMake More Sales

Convert Up To 50%+ Of Our Visitors Into Buyers, With No Time, Tools or Extra Work From Your Side.

savetimeSave Time and Money

Stop shelling out cash on graphics designers, copywriters, video creation tools … STOP paying entirely!

betterstatsIncrease Customer Retention

engagementIncrease Engagement

Now You Can Make Any Old Video Grab, Keep & Convert Attention

And It’s Surprisingly Easy…

All you have to do is add an already tested INTRO sequence to your videos and you’ll be able to stand them toe-to-toe, against anything your biggest competitors can throw at you… No matter how big their marketing budget is!

Watch How You Can INSTANTLY Use VLS
To Create Buzz, Excitement and Sales:

Use your first few seconds wisely

Based on attention span data, you’ve only got about eight seconds to capture your audience before they’ll bounce. To combat short attention spans, use the first line of your video to qualify viewers right away.

Engage Your Superfans

Talking into a camera lens about whatever is on the top of mind, is rarely worth watching.  Each video you create these days needs to be more dynamic and professional than ever before.

Call to Action

One mistake many marketers make is in creating a great video without attaching a call to action.

Customers may enjoy your message, but if they have no idea what to do after watching it, your hard work will have been for nothing.

Remember, these 3 points  are a MUST if you wanna become a big time Video Marketer Player !

But there are DOZENS of other things Video Lead Studio will help you achieve with your videos and all of them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

All you need to do is COPY and PASTE exactly what we give you and you’ll bank account will look like ours.

When you Invest in Video Lead Studio Today, you’ll get the exact “head start” we had, and you’ll get all of the professional actors that we used to sell our products in almost ANY niche …

You’ll be taken to the Video Marketing finish line, here’s just a snap shot of what you’ll get :


Pick from a vast collection of Professional intros & outros that are PROVEN to increase retention rate, Captivate Your Audience , and 10x your conversions …


We worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit your needs & niche and will boost your video marketing results like you have never seen before.


Being yours or your customer’s videos You can now add an amazing motion background to it and make it look even more engaging…

VLS Features over 40+ Niches

Are you worried that Video Lead Studio will not fit your niche…. Well don’t be!

We worked hard and blasted a ton of surveys in order to make sure that we have the best intro/outros for the most profitable niches!

Let me highlight you some of the niches that are featured in VLS: Affiliate, Amazon, CPA Software, Fitness, Video Marketing,  Ads conversion, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Make Money Online, Review Videos, Offline, Real Estate, Doctor, Wood Working, Dog Training, Financial

And if you don’t find your niche in there, you can use our general videos that fit to almost any niche.

NOTE: we are adding new videos, with new niches and actors each month. You can request your custom niche and we will add it.


Not Tech Savvy ? No Problem – Just follow the 3 STEP Process and your video is done.

Video Lead Studio is a windows software, so you can control everything you’re adding inside it right from your dekstop…

 No more hack attacks, or files getting deleted by mistake from the server.



Install it once and use it forever – No internet connection needed.


Easily Boost Your Video Marketing Results in 3 Easy Steps


Turn Any Marketing Campaign into $10,000+ Per Month

Full-training included: You’ll see how to use VLS step-by-step and we’ll go tons of awesome ideas you can copy and use for yourself right now.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m completely confident that Video Lead Studio is exactly what YOU need to finally get your video marketing at the next level.

In fact, I’m so confident it’ll work for you, I’m prepared to let you try it risk free for 30 full days. That way, you get peace of mind, and I do too.

You see, I don’t have to worry that you’re at all unhappy, because if you decide VLS isn’t the right system for you, you can get a full refund at any time during those 30 days.

So you’re free to download the whole thing, and try it out.

And if you don’t see any increase of your video campaigns, or just don’t like the system, no problem at all!

You’ll get every last cent refunded to you. No questions asked.

I just wanted to make it clear to you that this is a completely risk-free purchase.

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$37 USD


Check Out Some Videos We Created With Video Lead Studio:

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